Established in 1948, KKP Panorama48 is one of the oldest administration and tax consultant offices in Indonesia. Lead by late Willem I. Waworuntu, KKP Panorama48 was among the first of its kind to cater administration and tax services to the public.

We provide our clients with concise and thorough service with a personal touch. We acknowledge that financial and taxation matters are now one of the critical issues under the social business requirement of legal compliance, internal control and transparency and we value the trust we are given.

Excellence and quality of service is not only a quality we inherit but also sought to maintain and improve wherever possible. Now lead by the next generation, Maria Grace Waworuntu continues the old tradition while embracing new technologies.

Through the years, we have become a one-stop business solution to give you peace of mind knowing that your business is in the right hands. No matter what business you run or how big or small you think your business is, we have something that would help you achieve more. In KKP Panorama48, we are committed to comply to the country’s taxation laws while giving the best service to support you and your business.