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Taxes are very dynamic matters. As the world of business is changing in many ways through adapting technology and doing business across borders, taxes in multiple countries are becoming very important. It is due to these changes that it becomes imperative to have a reliable tax consultant to tackle the world’s current issues. These issues involve transfer, pricing, deemed outsourcing transactions, denial for sales and expenses (royalty payment etc.). Tax risk should be one of the prioritized concern of the management because it could unnecessarily reduce the company profit through penalties and such. It is therefore important to have internal control in terms of tax compliance and company accountability.
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Menara Cakrawala (Skyline Building) Lt. 3
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Established in 1948, Panorama48 is one of the oldest administration and tax consultan offices in Indonesia. Lead by late Willem I. Waworuntu, Panorama48 was among the first of its kind to cater administration and tax services to the public.

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  • Established in 1948 we are the oldest administration and tax consultant office in Indonesia.
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